Zen Physio Massager

£69.99 (Fully Inclusive)

 A Great Massager with Soothing Far-Infrared Heat


Zen Physio Massager helps to relieve aches, pains and stress.

Revive tired muscles and revitalise Ki (energy)  with soothing Far Infrared Heat

Speed 3400 – 6000rpm, which is ideal for deep tissue massage,  2 sets of interchangeable massage heads.

Handy wrist strap for self-treatments on hard to reach places such as the lower back  and a 3 metre long power cable make this the Professional’s Choice.

The Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager is available for use in the home or clinic. This product is so effective that it is used, and recommended, by massage therapists and sports injury therapists.

The Zen Physio’s percussion and vibratory action can be applied as a relaxing effleurage, or set firmer for deep tissue massage.

The powerful percussion action creates a firmer, deeper and more effective massage.

A Great Massager with Soothing Far-Infrared Heat, 2 speeds and 2 sets of interchangeable heads the Zen Physio can help to improve blood circulation, free spasmodic muscles, Improve circulation, revive tired physiques and revitalise KI (energy).

It can be used to treat almost all areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, back, abdominal area, arms, legs and feet.

Comfortable and Easy To Use  It comes with a comfortable non-slip foam handle as well as a handy wrist strap for self-treatments on hard to reach places including the lower back.

The Zen Physio is mains powered and has a 3 metre long power cord ensuring you can get a great massage whenever and wherever you wish.

Specifications (weight & dimensions are for the unit unboxed)  Weight is 1.6kgs  Dimensions are L38cm x W13.5cm x H14.5cm  Voltage is 240V  Frequency is 50Hz  Power is 15W (adjustable)

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