Reviber Plus Vibration Plate

£169.99 (Fully Inclusive)

A life style choice for people wanting to get fit and stay fit


If you dont exercise at the moment, you need something easy to get going with. That’s the Reviber Vibration Plate Plus. And if you already exercise, try the Reviber Plus to supercharge your results. Even if you are the fittest person you know.  The reviber vibration plate Plus is a positive lifestyle choice for people wanting to get fit and stay fit.  It’s easy, just clip-on the resistance bands, then, at the press of a button, you will have started your first Reviber Plus workout.  Get in shape with Reviber. Fat loss, muscle toning, and much more!

 ‘Impressive Results’ says the Independent on Sunday. ‘Easy to use and excellent value for money’  Reviber Plus Reduces body fat,  strengthens core and pelvic muscles, and increases metabolism by using for just 10 minutes a day.

Exercise bands included  Pendant remote control and power lead.

Five star review from National Newpaper Company

Free delivery  plus a 5 year guarantee



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