Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller

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The Complete Foam Roller Experience!
The Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller comes with everything you need to get started and learn how to use a foam roller. The roller comes with a training DVD, (that you can also stream online), an exercise poster and a carry bag to keep your roller in.

It can be used with or without vibration

Faster Results With Vibration!
More than a traditional foam roller! Get the bonus quick hit with vibration! The vibrations from the motor stimulate the massaged area as the roller covers the surface.

It’s working in two ways with the vibrations and surface rolling!

Roll Calves.
Relieve tight calve muscles with a quick roll.

Roll Quads.
Loosen off those tight quadriceps to get rid of muscle aches and pains quickly!

Roll Waist.
Draw in your waist by rolling it and alleviate stress and tension as you massage your midriff with the roller!

Roll Arms.
Use the roller to work your arms after a workout. Reduce pain and soreness and get a faster recovery!

Roll Lats.
Lats can get really tight after exercising. Relieve soreness by rolling the pain away!

Roll Glutes.
Manage sore glutes by simply sitting on the roller and rolling back and forth!

Roll Hamstrings.
Recover from tight and sore hamstrings by using the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller!

Roll Feet.
After a long day stood up, roll away aches and pains in your feet.

4 SPEEDS OF INTENSITY! More than a traditional foam roller! Get the bonus quick hit with vibration!

RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM ION BATTERIES AND CHARGER. Charge your roller with the charger provided and take it anywhere to roll on the go!

TRAINING DVD, ONLINE ACCESS AND EXERCISE POSTER PROVIDED. The exercises are suitable from first time rollers all the way to professional athletes!

MULTI-SURFACED. The clever design mimics fingers, thumbs and palms of a masseuse, making it a roller that can be used on nearly all areas of the body.

MEDIUM / FIRM DENSITY. Firm enough to give great results, yet soft enough to allow you to enjoy using!        Its density is just soft enough not to hurt the muscles and flesh it rolls on. Some rollers are incredibly firm. If they are too hard the muscle does not benefit. The Reviber roller is just right to roll the surface and access the deeper tissue too. Happy rolling…

Width: 30.00 (cm)
Height: 15.00 (cm)
Depth: 15.00 (cm)


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