Hand held electro Massager 3d Ergo Pro

£295.00 (Fully Inclusive)


Hand Held Electro Massager


Hand held electro body massager –  The cellulite solution


Over 40 years Professional and home use

Cellulite and Muscular Conditions

2 speeds 23/48  gyrations per sec enable both surface & deep penetrating massage through muscle layers stimulates lymph drainage, reaching deep down tissue a nd ligaments to improve metabolism,  circulation and promote a healthy feeling of well being with improved posture and oxygen intake.

Back pain

Shoulders, calves, thighs, knees, elbows, painful arthritic hands, wrists  all benefit from Bremed 3D Ergo Pro treatment relaxing muscle fibres,  stimulating lymph drainage and toxin evacuation.

Home Treatment

Often recommended by Practitioners includes hands, feet and buttocks? Why buttocks? To relax the piriformis muscle, one of the main areas leading to back problems.


Troublesome areas such as buttocks, thighs and triceps respond favourably to the large head rapid treatment. Many Clinics and training facilities report high client satisfaction.

Large 18 x 12cm heads

These heads enable efficient treatment times,  bristle head for rapid stimulation, smooth head for general and bony areas and the 12 sphere burled head for deep penetrating massage felt throughout the body.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Wrist and hand pain  suffered by  therapists after years of hands only massage find the ergonomic handle design very comfortable particularly when used with BREMED MASSAGE CREAMto enhance the easy glide effect.

20 year old hand held electro massager the Bremed 3D ergo pro massager

Still in daily professional use providing maximum energy flow to the patient with no operator kick back.

2 year guarantee

130 watt maintenance free long life Swiss motor combined with economic spare part replacements provide a good investment with  trouble free beneficial use for years to come.

For details of Bremeds Cult Product –  click here Bremed Massage Cream


Proven over many years the stimulation of blood and nutrient bearing oxygen around the vascular and lymphatic system and  subsequent toxin evacuation has proven to  be a major factor in any remedial process”



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