Comfortflex a most comfortable and luxurious couch

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Comfortflex from the Affinity range has the versatility to be used for nearly every therapy.

The 27″ width together with its generous padding, luxurious upholstery, strength and style gives the Comfortflex the feel of a professional spa couch.

Together the flexibility of being portable and adjustable height with easigrip thumbscrew for swift adjustment give this couch a luxurious feel.

The Comfortflex comes in two colours,  either Biscuit or Latte

There are face ports at both end

Included with the Comfortflex are the face cradle frame and cushion, hanging arm rest and wheeled carry case


Height adjustable             26″ – 32″ (66 cm – 81 cm)

Weight                                 16kg

Set up dimensions            L 73″ x W 27″ (185 cm x 68 cm)

Static weight                      450 lbs (205 kg/ 32 stone)




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