Affinity Power Lift Electric Couch

£1,299.00 (Fully Inclusive)

Electric 29″ extra wide couch

An ideal couch for Practitioners


The Affinity Power Lift Electric Couch is a couch that can be used for many different treatments.

  • Electric height adjustment 50 cm (20″) to 97″ cm (38″)
  • Extra wide 29″ couch
  • Manual back rest for easy adjustment
  • Extremely comfortable with Therafoam padding
  • Smooth ‘ultra glide’ motor
  • Includes breathe hole with bung, face cradle and arm rest
  • Locking wheels
  • Height adjustment 50 cm (20″) to 97 cm (38″)

The Affinity Power lift Electric Couch sets a new standard for adjustable electric couches.

The sturdy Power lift Couch has foot pedal height adjustment, breathe hole, face cradle and arm rest, together with locking wheels and manual back rest therefore leaving you in control of client positioning, therefore making  the Power lift suitable for a whole range of treatments including: massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy, reflexology and beauty treatments.

The Therafoam padding is  2 inches thick. Included are a breather hole and bung, face cradle, and arm rest meaning the couch can be used is many ways.

The wheels have locking castors for mobility and safety. The couch is 29 inches wide too, therefore your clients have plenty of room.

Adjustable back rest



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