3d ergo pro hand held massager

A professional use hand held massager with new style carry case for the professional The  3d ergo pro is a robust hand held massager and is used by many professionals as well as colleges and individuals alike.  It is supplied with three different heads and a trendy carry case which makes it convenient for the…

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What a combination

WHAT A COMBINATION The most versatile electric couch and the best cellulite and muscle massager WHAT A COMBINATION Couch £1095 Massager £175 when brought together

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Sports Pro

Sports Pro Electric Couch in white

A new addition to our range of couches.  The SPORTS PRO ELECTRIC COUCH. As the name suggests this couch was built for the Physio/Sports Therapist. A 3 section couch with electric height adjustment controlled by a foot switch. The back and foot sections are by  manual operation giving you control of client positioning and comfort.…

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Bremed Massage Cream

Bremed cult product - Non allergenic liquefying massage cream

Bremed Massage Cream for a relaxing massage. A unique liquefying texture with a feint hint of lemon grass, the light bodied texture gives maximum slip and grip. No need to shower after treatment – Non Allergenic,  Light non-greasy texture, with a hint of lemon grass 25 years clinic/college use  –  International Sports users.

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3d ergo pro massager

hand held massager

Over 40 years Professional and home use – the 3d ergo pro massager New style carry case  130 watt maintenance free long life Swiss motor combined Economic spare part replacements provide a good investment with  trouble free beneficial use for years to come. 20 year old Bremed 3d ergo pro massagers still in daily professional use The…

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